Frequently asked questions

What size will I need to order?
The staff at the funeral home will be able to assist with this information as it can vary greatly, however a pre-term baby up to approximately twenty weeks would need a 250ml urn and a full-term baby would typically need a 500ml urn.
Please let me know if you'd like me to ask these sometimes difficult questions of your funeral director.

How long will it take to make?
Up to four weeks depending on the size. The hearts, pebbles and smallest hand-thrown urns would take approximately ten days. The medium urns require about two to three weeks and the larger three and four litre urns can take up to four weeks to make due to the drying time involved.

How is the urn sealed?
At the base of each urn is an opening which is secured with a rubber stopper. The stopper is not glued. With the exception of the ring shaped pieces, the urns have a handmade silk pouch with a drawstring tie to hold the ashes.

Can I come and look at samples?
Absolutely, please call or e-mail me to arrange a time to visit.

Will you assist with the transfer of the ashes?
Yes, I will assist with this or do this for you.

Can I ask for a special design?
Yes, if it’s something I’m able to do. Please understand that it may incur an extra cost.

Do you post interstate?
Yes, postage within Australia is included in the cost of the urn. I use Australia Post, however if you prefer to use a courier you can arrange for your urn to be collected from the studio at your cost.

Do you post overseas?
Yes, though postage would be calculated as an additional cost. Please note that some countries such as the UK may charge a fee at customs.








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