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Ring Shaped Cremation Urn

The beautiful ring-shaped urn is designed to be suspended by a ribbon. It symbolises continuity and the endlessness of love.

Ashes are kept within the urn without the use of a silk pouch.
The opening and stopper are situated at the rear and concealed by the ribbon.

Ring Shaped Cremation Urn



Design Options

Number of Characters


110mls/6.5 cubic inches 13cm Decoration, text
or unadorned
150 Currently unavailable
Urn sizes and shapes may vary slightly as all pieces are individually handmade.
If you have in mind a special design please contact me to discuss options.

Ordering and payment options

Due to the personal nature of each order Paypal or internet banking details are given during the ordering process. 

E-mail me:

Phone: 0407 106 137

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