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Cremation Urns with text
Hand Thrown Porcelain
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Cremation Urns with text

The tealight urn holds a small candle, to be kept lit, or to be lit at special times in a time-honoured ritual which shows the transcendence of matter into light.

Alternatively urns with finials let you add your own personal memento.

Four standard glaze variations are available. These include frosty matte white, pink, mauve and blue. The image on the left shows the frosty white glaze and the image on the right shows the same frosty white glaze over a pink ceramic paint which gives a very soft colour.
An unglazed finish is also an option, however please be aware that while the unglazed finish has a beautiful and organic feel and appearance it can mark over time with handling.

The Lettering

Each letter is stamped and inked individually by hand. Please note that the lettering is only effective on a surface without glaze. 

A custom urn with text will fit from 90 to 170 characters including spaces depending on the size of the urn.

Please refer to the table below.

Customised urns with text



Design Options

Number of Characters


250mls/15 cubic inches 6cm Finial or tealight 90 $450
500mls/30 cubic inches 8cm Finial or tealight 100 $575
Urn sizes and shapes may vary slightly as each piece is individually handmade.

Ordering and payment options

Due to the personal nature of each order Paypal or internet banking details are given during the ordering process.

To order an urn, please email me:

Phone: 0407 106 137

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